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tv   Today  NBC  November 21, 2012 2:05am-3:00am PST

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"today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. oh, some days are easier than others. welcome to booze day tuesday, everybody, november 20th. we're already in the 20s now, hoda. early thanksgiving this year. >> two wakeups from thanksgiving in case you're wondering and thinking about getting your turkey and everything together. >> that's what i'm going to do, i head on home and start working. >> you do that early? >> when you're feeding a horde. i hope they don't take that bad. >> who? >> mostly family, some friends, some friends. other friends would be upset i said those friends. hopefully everybody has a -- i should say if there are dear friends of ours that don't have a place to go, they should call me now, now that i am about to make the stuffing. that's precious stuff, that stuffing. your family is coming in today.
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>> i started looking at my apartment, my brother, his wife, my mom. i was look at my silverware store. i have two teaspoons. how do you buy teaspoons alone? you can't, you have to buy the entire flatware, the spoons, knives, to get four teaspoons. >> that's all you wanted was four? >> well, that makes six. >> do they match? >> no, but it doesn't matter. we're talking about spoons. then i reallied i don't have cups. so today i'm going to bed, bath and beyond after this because we have to get cups. >> that is so funny. if you are not fond of your in-laws coming for the holidays, david letterman had something so funny. he did this on his show last night, so just take a listen to this. >> finally, a major american company is addressing this problem for the holidays.
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>> do you hate the hassles of holiday air travel almost as much as you hate the tedious, awkward thanksgiving dinner with family? announcing united airlines reluctant traveler service. for a nominal fee, we'll book you on a pretend united flight, with a plausible flight number and time of arrival and then at the last minute, oh, no, your flight's been cancelled. you wanted to be there, but what can you do? united airlines, we get it. >> that's funny, yeah. >> come on, how good is that? >> i'm so grateful i love my family, aren't you? could you imagine? >> how about miley at the airport, speaking of airplanes yesterday. >> we're going to tell you what happened. apparently, she was lashing out at paparazzi at lax, which is notorious, of all the places i've been in my life, they are out of control. >> she lands after midnight, gets off the plane, she's looking for her boyfriend/fiance and this whole crush of photographers comes running up
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to her to ask questions and stuff. she gets very, very upset. they ask about a possible girl crush she has on kristen stewart. at one point she signs a autograph and throws a jacket over her own face, but this is what miley apparently said, we don't have the tape, here's what she said, don't even start trying to ask me questions, don't even start, yes, shut up. >> the reporter says -- >> no she says shut up, shut up. then the reporter says -- >> miley, you are not very nice. miley says -- >> you are not very smart, so shut up. >> the reporter says, what can i ask you? >> not at 1:00 in the morning, stop! >> it's 1:00 already? . stop, shut up, use the money you get from selling people's souls to buy a watch. >> ouch, huh? you know what, we know miley. she's a terrific girl in lots of ways, she really is. having been in the position like
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that yourself, it's so important that you don't let your emotion the get away. it only comes back to bite you in your egyptian you know what, so you don't do it. >> you don't. >> you don't do it. even if that guy was totally in the wrong, it ends up making her look bad. she's exhausted. nobody likes to have their picture taken also when you just slept on a plane or not slept for hours, you know? you're not at your best. those pictures have a way of getting out, people can be cruel about them. really just comes down to that. really should be some sort of weird entrance and exit. >> yeah. >> guys make their living that way, though. the more they get you upset and abrasive, the more money they get for their pictures. >> you remember that photographer when bernie madoff was walking down the street and the photographer stiff armed him. he jumped back, you could see that moment. that's the moment you capture.
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speaking of planes, rihanna decided she was going to do this deal where she was going to go for seven days to seven countries on a 777. do a concert in seven different cities. >> right. she invited a whole bunch of press people and that stuff on this private plane. >> and fans. >> it was going to be all fun. apparently because of according to some journalists because of her tardiness, the plane ends up sitting on the tarmac and she never granted anybody warrants. they were complaining she was shopping while they were sitting on the plane waiting. anyway, it bothered one australian deejay that he thought the prudent thing to do was strip naked and run down the aisle of the plane filled with journalists and fans. so he's streaking. >> at least something's happening. >> anyway, they seem happy. >> look -- whoa! yeah, baby.
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>> a lot is happening there. >> looks like he's holding on to his manhood while he's doing it. sometimes that can hurt, if you know what i mean. why god made jock straps, so you wouldn't have accidents like that. that is not a plane i would want to be on for seven days. >> does not look fun at all. >> they're tweeting people going, help us, save us! >> it sounds like a good idea at the time. >> the food was horrible. >> it ain't the paradise they were all expecting. so here's the scenario, a lot of people are on second marriages. the question is, when you have your second marriage, do you invite your ex to the wedding? that's what people are talking about with jennifer aniston and her fiance. >> this is a british magazine. i don't know how credible they are. >> should they invite brad and angie to the wedding? >> i'll tell you right now what i would do, i would never invite
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brad and angelina to a barbecue at my house, nothing. every eye is going to be on them and that's her day and his day. i think it's very gracious if they are thinking of it, but, you know, it's going to become more of a press craziness. >> i agree, i agree. >> for a day you really want to have quiet and private and special, seems to fly in the face of that. >> i think you're right. i think it's probably just one of those magazines. >> would you invite your ex? >> never. >> i'm friendly with my first husband, but my present husband would never, ever consider that. it would just, so disrespectful. >> i think that's true. if it makes your current fiance/husband upset, then don't do it. it's not worth it. for what, it's one day. why are they sharing in that day? "the voice" was a big night last night. partly because blake and christina sing together in a song called "just a fool." they did this show for the first
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time. this song for the first time. >> this is live, this is on "the voice"? ♪ nothing else hurts like you do ♪ i've waited and waited so long ♪ ♪ for someone to never come home ♪ ♪ i'm just a fool holding on to something that never ever come back ♪ ♪ i can't accept that it's lost ♪ >> a lot going on there. i thought it was lindsay lohan at first. she's got that lindsay lohan look. i'm just getting old. i can't see, i can't smell.
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i can't nothing, taste buds are going. it's just sad. >> it's hard when you can't see. >> that is hard. >> there is good news, my doctor tells me when i finally get old enough to have cataracts, which is soon, he can take off my cataracts and i'll have perfect vision. the world's become such an ugly place, i don't want to see it. i'm happy in my ignorance. if you haven't had enough of the two of us, there's good news. i know you've had enough, uncle. >> you're already over it. it's only 10 to 9:00. >> we're on with anderson cooper on "anderson live." >> we taped it last week. we wish him the best, he's in a dangerous situation in the gaza strip in the middle east. i guess it's really dangerous. >> it's getting very scary. >> anyway, this was last week. >> let's watch. he ended up tipping back a couple of glasses. >> he's a cheap date. >> i am not a drinker, but, you know, just to be in the festive
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spirit, i had a glass as well. anyway, they got me to drink, and i warned them if i drank this glass of wine, i would get drunk. i drank maybe four sips of that wine, half the glass, i was drunk. and by very quickly by the end of the first 15, i'd had the entire glass and was slurring my words. >> it was bad. >> here's the thing, though, we didn't get him to drink. he's a grown man. makes his own choices. >> there was wine on his table and he drank it. >> we were his guests, you know what i'm saying? >> you have to watch it. he's really slurring. don't even know what he's talking about. >> gave him a little botox too. a good time was had by everybody. he's a good guy, i love him. one of country music's biggest stars, not to mention, a tall drink of water, trace adkins, of course. talk about handsome men, our
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country superstar trace adkins is keeping busy this holiday season in a tradition performing in the macy's thanksgiving parade on thursday. >> then he'll be back for nbc's tree lighting extravaganza. it's christmas in rockefeller plaza. >> you're here for a couple of weeks in the big apple. >> yeah, yeah. >> do you feel out of place here or do you enjoy it? >> pretty much out of place. >> you stand out anyway, here you must really stand out. >> my wife told me to tell y'all to go to >> what is that? >> match the patterns. i don't know, something y'all were talking about. >> to get the spoons. >> thank you. >> thank you! what a dutiful husband you are. >> let's talk parade, trace. you and your 7-year-old daughter --
2:19 am
>> isn't that sad that's what my life has come to? >> you just have an exciting life. >> so domesticated. >> i know how to match your patterns. >> spoons. >> we like your wife, we've met her, she's a good, good woman. >> yeah. >> let's talk about your daughter. you're going to be singing with your 7 year old in the parade. what song are the two of you going to be singing? >> she can't sing. >> she can't? >> she was on the video with you. >> she wasn't singing. she just has the job of being cute. i handle the -- >> you handle the heavy lifting. >> she is cute. >> is that at your farm, trace? >> yeah, yeah. >> are you still living there, we know you lost your home to a fire. have you rebuilt, what's going on? >> haven't rebuilt yet. this will do for now. >> you're in a different house. >> yeah. >> why did you decide to do the rockefeller center christmas tree lighting, that's a big deal here. >> it's on tv. >> a lot of people watch it. you have a new single, too?
2:20 am
my publicist said you need to do this, it's going to be on tv. >> you don't look like the kind of guy that does what anybody tells you to do. >> not really, but i do a lot of tv, because it's -- people watch it. it's a lot easier than traveling. it's a lot easier to touch a few million people in one shot. >> it's the mathematics to it. >> if you had to go to everybody's house every day, that would be a long day. >> barely get out of brooklyn in a year. >> tv's good. >> you are fun. >> i just tell the truth about stuff. >> you know what i was saying to you earlier, it needs to be said. he does such great work with an amazing organization called the wounded warriors foundation. how did you get involved in that? >> that seemed to be a natural progression from the uso stuff i've done over the years, and morphed into the wounded warriors. been associated them for a few years. it's been a privilege.
2:21 am
>> i want to thank you for it. >> you've got your red cross pin on. that's something else that's close to you, huh? >> i'm the spokesman for the red cross' holiday campaign. >> they've got a big one this year because of everything that happened in the tri-state area. >> they've been busy around here lately. >> they have. >> you guys are familiar with what they do around the holidays. >> of course, of course. >> get people to do christmas cards and send to the troops. >> were you ever in the military yourself? >> no, no. my grandaddy was in the army, but not me. >> it's out of gratitude for their service? >> yeah, sure. there wasn't anything really going on when i got out of high school. now i'm too old. >> you have all girls. so you're not -- yeah. >> yeah. >> that explains a lot. you are around a lot of estrogen, aren't you? >> yeah. >> that's a beautiful shot of the group. >> we wish your family a great thanksgiving. >> we do and look forward to seeing you at the macy's day thanksgiving parade.
2:22 am
i'll be there with my nieces, we'll be waving to you. >> we'll be watching at home in connecticut. >> i'll be on the domino sugar float. don't know what it looks like yet. >> hopefully it will hold you. you are a hunk a hunk a burning love. >> tall drink of water. >> i haven't gained that much weight. you sit there and call me fat on tv. >> i just called you a hunk a hunk a burning love. compliment. does not mean fat. >> sounds like 300-pound elvis to me. you remember 300-pound elvis? >> no, my god. lead, hoda. >> parade 8:00 a.m. that's where he'll be. >> also, we can celebrate the tree lighting christmas from rockefeller plaza next wednesday, november 28th at 8:00 p.m. both here on nbc. >> thank you, trace. we'll be right back, what we want to know is what is your man really thinking? our guys tell all right after this. at cepacol we've heard people are going to extremes
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and we're back with guys tell all where we gather some mighty fine men to answer your questions and tell it like it is. first up, we have single guy ed hawpe. he's from "scandalous." >> you want to see a man in a fig leaf, come to our show. >> next comedian, chuck nice, host of hgtv. "home sweet home." he's been married 14 years and has two children and rick younger, married with a darling boy. >> on every commercial you'll ever see. >> last but not least, divorced bob guiney. host of "show house showdown" and currently touring with his band band guiney and grimes. by the time we get through your -- >> all right, let's go across to sara. >> first up, molly from wisconsin with a question about
2:28 am
wardrobe. >> so i'm really into a guy, but not his wardrobe. how can i change it without saying it to his face? >> you just did. >> unless you are into three guys at the same time, you just told him that you're not into his wardrobe. >> if this guy's watching right now, he already knows you hate his wardrobe. >> if a woman says to you hey, ed, that shirt, not sure if i like it, does that make you feel bad, are you glad she's told you. >> i want to look good for her. buy him some stuff. >> put your money where your mouth is. i get new clothes, she thinks i look good, everybody's happy. >> i'll dress how you want me to dress when i'm with you. >> as long as you get naked for me. >> it's a fair trade, right? >> one caveat, you got to remember, ask a guy to look better and dress better and he starts doing that, then other women are like, wow, he looks great. then he leaves ya! >> wow, wow. you know what i'm proud of you for, thinking it through.
2:29 am
>> let's go to our second question. this is a facebook post, how do men feel about dating single moms? >> how bratty are the kids? i'm joking. >> that makes a difference. what do you think? >> you're getting into an already-made family. it's a very tricky thing. >> have you ever done that? >> i have not. i'm not ready for that. >> one of the things it's really good is to find out how important you are in this woman's life, clearly, she's got a number one, her child. >> you don't want to be number two. >> that's important. >> if you're dating a woman with a child, it's important -- at least when i was dating, it's important for me to know that kid was a priority over me. >> i want them to prioritize themselves. >> you get a window into how she treats the people that she loves. >> rick, you are the nicest of everybody. >> dated a girl with a child once, she left me because she said i don't want two. that was it.
2:30 am
>> guys, we're going to continue chatting with you guys. stick around, these guys are going to answer your questions. then a moving story, it really is. a thanks and giving. barbara bush and jenna bush hager share their family's very inspirational, very personal story. and marlo thomas after your news and weather.
2:31 am
2:32 am
we're back now with more of "today" on this booze day tuesday. these fine men have stuck around because we'd kill them if they left. >> answering your burning questions. >> single guy ed. >> married father of two, chuck nice, rick younger, who's married with a son and divorced and swinging single, bob guiney. we wanted to give you something. >> i love that. >> sara's across the street. i've recruited a new guy, show them what you got. tune in next week. we got susan from florida, and
2:33 am
she's got a question about the boyfriend's family. >> what happens if you don't like your boyfriend's family? >> that's probably a good thing, because you don't have to date them, now do you? no, i'm joking. >> kind of when you start dating someone, you do date their family. what i've always found which seemed to be either my blessing or curse, the families always love me, it's the girl. >> you know, i had wonderful exchange with my uncle right around the time i was getting married. he was like, you know, it's nice if your family likes who you're with and vice versa, but when it boils down to it, if you're in a serious relationship, you spend most of your time with that person. your family, you love them, but probably see them thanksgiving, christmas, a cookout in the summer time. you see the other person 362 days of the year. >> unless in today's economy you're all living together. how about you, have you ever dated someone and not got along with the family? >> i'm the same way, families like me. but that's right, don't have to spend a lot of time with them. >> here's a question along the
2:34 am
same lines. how long do you think a girl should wait before she introduces a guy to her family, how many dates, a month in? >> i hope it's immediate, let's go to the family first. >> how long so you're not scared off? >> i think it should be a couple of months. just enough so you know this is going somewhere. >> that really is a statement. >> yeah, don't make it an event, you know, kind of just all of a sudden your sister shows up and meets the guy. maybe one day your mom just happens to be at the same coffee shop that you're at and you run into each other. when you do the whole, i want you to meet my family, he's going to run. >> for a long weekend in nantucket. >> i had a point in my life where everybody met my family because i was living in my mother's basement. >> you were one of those. >> i'm out of my mother's basement now. i got my own house. living at my wife's mother's.
2:35 am
take that! mother in law's basement now. >> don't listen to chuck, we live in new york, there are no basements. we all in the same room. >> sara? >> what happens if the in-laws don't like you back? >> well, speaking from experience -- >> get out of that basement! >> we've got a guy seeking guy advice. jay from ohio has a question about anniversaries. >> i'm celebrating my ten-year anniversary with my wife in new york this week and looking for tips to keep the magic going another ten or 20 years. or 50 years. >> number one, take the hat off! >> number one! tip number two, put the hat back on, take everything else off, run through the house! >> you like to run naked a lot. >> telling you, the butt-naked run through keeps the family together. with the hat on. >> you leave that hat on and go buck naked, your wife will go
2:36 am
gay. test the water. >> it's an experiment. >> whole new panel, people. whole new panel. >> oh, my gosh! >> here's a question from jerry. why do men ask for your phone number and say they'll call tomorrow, but they never call? >> it's the whole waiting game. there's a rule, it's like three days or something like that. >> never, never. >> just being nice? >> ego. it's called ego. i want to see if i can get your number, but i'm not really interested. >> why do they waste the time to begin with? >> they want to be nice. >> cruel. >> that girl would probably be staying by the phone. >> you got off well, because you didn't need that person. the person that will play that kind of game, you don't want them. >> thanks, guys, you were actually entertaining this time. thank you. we got an amazing story for you guys, jenna bush hager
2:37 am
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series thanks and giving, highlighting 50 years of work done at st. jude's children's hospital. >> "today" contributing correspondent jenna bush hager is here with more. >> hi, guys, good morning. today the survival rate for a child living with leukemia was 74%. before st. jude's hospital opened it was only 4%. my grandparents had a daughter who died of leukemia. ♪ my aunt, robin bush, was born on december 20, 1949. >> we were very young, and it was a very big day for us, beautiful little girl. >> two years younger than my dad, my grandparent's little
2:42 am
girl was a prized joy. her sweet soul and girly calm filled their home with warmth. >> she was quiet and gentle, and she had lovely little blond curls. >> at only three, their gentle girl began to change. her energy waned. >> how could you first tell she was getting sick? >> because she was listless and didn't want to do anything, just wanted to rest, go out and watch cars go by. so i called the doctor and said, can i bring robin out, i think she has spring fever. the doctor sort of laughed. we went out, she had a few bruises on her, and the doctor took a blood test and said i'll call you. >> that call led to devastating news. >> she told us that robin had leukemia. what do you do for leukemia? well, you don't do anything. she's going to die. and we said, no, i don't think so. and she said, my advice is take
2:43 am
her home, love her, in about two weeks, she'll be gone. >> they decided their love alone wasn't enough and took robin across the country to a hospital willing to try treatment on a child. >> they took bone marrow tests, which were painful, a lot of blood. they put her on chemo. every time she got a blood transfusion, he'd have to leave the room. >> seven months later, when she was almost four, robin died. >> i was combing her hair and holding her hand. i saw that little body, i saw her spirit go. >> out of despair, a glimpse of hope. >> how did you decide to donate her body to research? >> wasn't hard. i think it made us feel that something good is coming out of this precious little life, and today, almost nobody dies of leukemia. >> st. jude children's research
2:44 am
hospital was founded nearly a decade after robin's death in 1991, my grandmother visited st. jude. >> what on earth can be better in the eyes of god than a hospital that saves children's lives? >> now i was thrilled to get an invitation to visit. from marlo thomas. she introduced me to 3-year-old brooklyn, who's being treated for leukemia. brooklyn is the same age my aunt robin was when she passed away. >> st. jude has really just been everything to us, putting her in remission and keeping her that way. >> how do you feel, brooklyn? >> good! >> you feel good? >> in the lab i learned why it was so important my grandparents donated robin's body to science. >> we still have cells and dna from patients we treated in the 1960s. now that technology's gotten better, we can go back and learn about what caused those cancers and why some children were cured and others weren't. >> one, two, three!
2:45 am
>> there's a tradition at st. jude to send balloons to heaven remembering those who passed on. >> so sweet. >> to robin. >> i shared this with my grandmother. for my grandparent's darling child, my grandmother says even 60 years later, there are still thoughts of love. >> george and i do talk about her. maybe more recently, in the last two or three years, than before. >> why do you think that is? >> i think we're getting older and robin, to me, is a joy. she's like an angel to me. and she's not a sadness or a sorrow, little fat arms around my neck. >> he said recently that he's hoping when he passes away, that's who he'll see first. >> it is who he'll see first. >> and today, my aunt would be 63 years old. my grandmother says that the stigma of living with cancer has
2:46 am
also drastically changed. when my aunt was little, some people wouldn't let their kids play with her, because they were worried it could be caught. also one sad detail, my grandparents had to keep my dad and aunt separated, because they were worried if they played too rough like little kids do, she would hemorrhage and pass away. that was hard for my dad, and them, of course. >> by the way, i love your grandparents. i love your mom and dad too, but your grandparents are unbelievable people. so forward thinking, hoda, as you mentioned, to make that kind of an offering up to science. >> they said that friends were kind of disappointed they donated the body to science. in that time, it was very progressive. >> they were so smart, so smart. >> they wanted her life to have meaning, too. >> it's interesting that your grandparents only recently started talking about this. how did your grandmother pull herself out of the depression that you know was part of this? >> that actually is really interesting.
2:47 am
it was my dad, her younger kids, my dad, there was one day they were in midland, texas, and my dad was going to play baseball and this boy said georgi, come play baseball with me, and she heard i can't, my mom's sad, i need to come play with her. that's when she realized she needed to be strong. >> i need tissues here today. >> we should have said marlo is with us, by the way. >> the queen is here. national outreach director of st. jude. her dad, danny thomas founded 50 years ago. >> yes, 50 years ago. what's exciting is to realize that how far we've come. we have come so far, in those days, nobody survived. now 94% of the children. >> 4% to 94%. >> how did it get from there to here? >> it's interesting. jenna knows, i took her through the hospital and showed her. we took some very bold steps in
2:48 am
the beginning when all the children were dying and different hospitals were using a drug, this drug, that drug, our faculty decided to put all the drugs together in one huge cocktail called total treatment and gave that to the children with radiation. after a couple of years, they started living and we started getting cures. it was like, my god. then they realized there were thinking they were going to have to give them chemo for the rest of their lives and if they did that, they would die. it was so toxic. they made this huge, bold decision to take five children off all treatment and see what happened, and jenna interviewed one of those people who is now 60 years old. >> gosh. >> and that worked. and then little by little, they figured out better and better chemos. about ten years ago, we made another bold step, let's take the children off radiation, chemo is good enough now and customized enough, we don't need
2:49 am
to give radiation anymore. radiation's very, very hard on a child. >> that was an incredible story. great info. >> st. jude really does incredible work. >> the best. >> you have to go if you haven't been there, go. >> hoda's been. >> the families don't pay, which is amazing. unbelievable. >> that's one of my father's founding promises that no child would be turned away if they couldn't pay, and that we share everything, every discovery the minute we're discovering it so everybody else can build on it. >> we love it. thanks. >> thank you. grateful to both of you. as we count our blessings this week, we've got a southern-style thanksgiving right after this. good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal egger with weather channel. getting you ready for thanksgiving. any travel plans you may have today. let's look at the forecast and find out where the weather is not going to cooperate. that's really here in the northwest.
2:50 am
across parts of western montana, idaho still into washington, oregon and northern california. a lot of rain. it's going to be windy at times. and those snow levels will be coming down wednesday evening. so that could impact your travel if you're heading over mountain passes. but east of the rockies, it's looking good. can't get any better than. this a little bit cool in the northeast. but we're not expecting any weather in the way of rain or snow. so traveling the interstates interstate 40, i-95 looking good here for your wednesday forecast. and thanksgiving day a cold front will start to move through the upper midwest. that will change the weather by thursday night, thanksgiving evening, in places like chicago back into kansas city. getting cloudy and eventually the rain will move in. it's much colder air behind. this you can see a wintery mix across north dakota and far northern parts of minnesota. if that's where you're traveling. be careful out there. here comes that cold air mass dropping in out of canada. but nice and warm ahead of it.
2:51 am
62 for thanksgiving day in chicago. friday the cold front moves into the ohio valley. if you have any big shopping plans there will be a few rainshowers here and there. on saturday the cold front pushes ought completely into the 40s in the northeast for daytime highs. high elevation snow on saturday. dry through the middle of the country. and sunday if you're heading back from wherever your destination was for thanksgiving, southeast is quiet although it is cooler. only 56 in atlanta. the next storm will start to work its way across the middle of the country impact, the high plains. more rainshowers across the south. you can get the latest forecast weekday mornings, wake up with al and stephanie at 5:30 a.m. ♪ you can help othersink along the way. ♪ ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪ ♪ and if you're feeling a little slow, ♪
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♪ then 5-hour energy will help you go. ♪ ♪ so buy a bottle of pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you can help fight breast cancer today. ♪ anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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in today's holiday kitchen, it is all about the sides. turkey may be the main act, but the supporting cast is what makes your feast memorable. >> here with southern favorites is the chief and owner of brown sugar kitchen in oakland, california. so glad to have you back. >> loved you the last time. >> she made ribs that fell off the bone. >> tough act to follow now. >> really good stuff. we're making stuffing, cornbread stuffing. my mom's from louisiana, my grandmother had a fig tree. i love figs. i have dried figs here we put in wine.
2:54 am
>> okay. >> stir that with the onions and the celery that's already cooking down. pecans, the louisiana influence. i'll put some of these in there. then italian sausage. you can use any sausage, i like anduilli, but i like the fennel. in italian sausage. >> look what's happening. >> hoda's cooking. she's going to whole foods for thanksgiving dinner. >> especially fresh herbs. if you can get away from using dry herbs. i have fresh rosemary, fresh sage chopped, and thyme, one of my favorites. >> that smells so good. more play vor flavor and aroma. >> i'm going to add a little bit of chicken broth to moisten it. then we're going to go in this bowl here, which is our pre-made cornbread, which you can make a couple days ahead of time. >> or you can just buy. >> at fresh foods. >> whole foods. >> whatever.
2:55 am
>> okay. >> so you want it to be kind of dry. >> that way it will absorb the moisture. just doing kind of a rough break of this. we want it to look rustic so it doesn't have to be perfect. >> right. >> then we're going to put -- >> might add some stock, though. >> of course, we might. >> use my rubber spatula. put all the ingredients in there. add a little bit of stock, then mix it together. >> okay. >> really easy. a lot of this can be done, you know, onions chopping and sauteing can be done ahead of time. >> serves like six? >> roughly, six to eight. stuffing's one of my favorites. >> you cannot make enough stuffing. >> it goes into the casserole here. then bake it for about an hour at 350. >> it's already cooked, just a matter of getting the flavors to come together. >> okay. >> then one of my favorite sides -- >> what's this? >> i can't have thanksgiving
2:56 am
without sweet potatoes or yams. of course, i wore my sweet potato jacket, but these are actually yams, they have a yellow flesh. >> look at the yams. >> they each have a different level of sweetness. >> okay. >> we do add a little butter and cream and maple syrup. >> of course, you do. >> enhance the natural sweetness. then i have collard greens, simply sauteed collard greens. with olive oil, crushed red pepper, garlic. that's it. >> stuffing, very good. >> then, of course, some wine. got some wine for you. >> we love you, thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. we'll be back in a moment, first, this is "today." on nbc.
2:57 am
2:58 am
2:59 am
all right, tomorrow we have our friends giuliiana and bill rancic visiting us. >> so excited for that. plus, the best toy deals for the holidays, scrumptious thanksgiving dessert. >> i'm still enjoying this tanya stuffing. >> it's great. >> have an awesome booze day tuesday, see you tomorrow for wines day wednesday. >> is that what it is? >> i think so, i heard a rumor. >> talking training. baby style. >> talking training.


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